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Our Centerville office is conveniently located in historic downtown Centerville. Our agents are here to help with all your real estate needs including residential, commercial and investment. Serving the greater Dayton area, we are your local real estate Experts.

Erika Van Hyfte, Centerville Office Manager/Broker Owner
Phone: 937-768-4399


93 W Franklin St Suite 106
Centerville, OH 45459


Office Managers

Erika Van Hyfte


Robert Biedenharn

Office: 937.825.6480

Bethanne Bleeke

Office: 937.559.0770

Cheryl Brown

Office: 937.716.8428

Brittany Burgan

Office: 937.802.6158

James Cismesia

Office: 937.350.5993

William Crider

Office: 937.321.1099

Aaron Diledow

Office: 937.232.7439

Renee Drumm

Office: 937.620.4817

Patricia Drumm

Office: 937.477.2186

Dennis Dussia

Office: 937.241.9767

Kim Ebel

Office: 937.818.6274

Joseph (J.R.) Geraci

Office: 937.572.0852

Tonya Grinner

Office: 513.545.3791

Marshall Hamden

Office: 937.241.7551

Derrick Hamm

Office: 703.909.4400

Chris Howard

Office: 937.416.6671

Kevin Hubbard

Office: 937.602.5151

Michael Hutchison

Office: 937.435.6000

Todd Kraner

Office: 937.312.9250

Stephen Krimm

Office: 937.435.6000

Scott Krugh

Office: 937.204.5477

Tammy Lammers

Office: 937.689.7916

Gina Kay Landis

Office: 937.623.9441

Luke Linville

Office: 937.374.9424

Maria Lofty

Office: 937.435.6000

Luis Martinez

Office: 937.409.3514

Brad Mays

Office: 937.572.7425

Torrence McClendon

Office: 404.337.2101

Tina Morrison

Office: 937.974.3133

Ryan Myers

Office: 937.435.6000

Mary Patterson

Office: 937.520.6094

Sharon Paulus

Office: 937.559.6775

Steve Perry

Office: 937.397.0309

Katie Petersen

Office: 937.750.7325

David Robinson

Office: 937.657.8736

Diana Roth

Office: 937.435.6000

William Sheehan

Office: 937.679.6382

Michele Shehee

Office: 937.802.3106

Dusty Shenefield

Office: 937.543.3987

Benita Spiegel-Grabeman

Office: 937.620.1976

Chris Sweigart

Office: 937.307.4866

Melanie Tennant

Office: 937.272.4897

Amanda Turner

Office: 937.689.8069

Lisa Turner

Office: 302.540.2207

Erika Van Hyfte

Office: 937.768.4399

Jason Wade

Office: 937.435.6000

Jason Weishaar

Office: 937.790.0631

Joe WIllen

Office: 937.681.1320

Joyce And Jill Willingham

Office: 937.272.1234
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