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I have been with Home Experts Realty for over 5 years and I couldn't be happier. When I arrived in 2011, I was just leaving another brokerage having never sold a home. Immediately upon arrival, I was given what I would come to realize were the tools I needed in order to be successful in this business: training, leads, and guidance. Before long I had a few listings, a short list of buyers, and a few deals under my belt. Things got better quickly from there and before I knew it I was selling a few homes per month. I now have sold over a hundred homes and all of them were through this great company. The leadership at Home Experts Realty is top notch and they have set in place a system which makes it very easy to succeed for anyone with the proper drive. If you are considering this business, I would tell you to go forward with massive action -- and do it with Home Experts Realty.

Michael J Sogard, Realtor

Home Experts Realty is one of the most successful brokerages in our industry. Our growth and success is completely the result of the integrity and energy of Clyde Corle and his team. As a 43 year veteran of our great industry I've met many persons. Clyde's complete focus on the success of his associates is unsurpassed in an industry focused upon the brokerage instead. He makes it happen.

Dick Wagner, CRB

The first 2 yrs. are supposed to be the most trying and difficult once obtaining your Realtor License. That's so to speak, the point that many just toss in the towel because they simply can't do enough business and have no real individual support team to help. Not so with me since coming on board with Home Experts Realty!

25 months ago I passed my State Exam and on the first try, and after hearing of how others had to retake the exam over and over, I saw that as an omen.
Over the past months, I have closed 24 sales, and in 5 days will be closing on numbers 25 & 26!
That's a feat I didn't know I could accomplish, but with the partnership with Home Experts, it is possible, and that keeps me motivated, pushing me forward to continue building my client base, and creating lasting relationships!
I love what I do, I don't look at my clients as sales, but as friends! I meet up with a several routinely for hikes, lunches, picnics and more. I'm still friends with the very first client, and we continue to keep in touch!

Early on I made the decision to "never be that Realtor that won't follow-up, won't return calls, won't treat a buyer of a $20,000 property differently from the $300,000 buyer, BUT will be the Agent that answers their questions, educates them, fights for them, makes myself available at all times, and is someone they "KNOW" they can count on to be honest, upfront and loyal!

Home Experts Realty has made this all possible with the fantastic assistance they provide, and I know this is the path I was meant to take!

Sue Wynn, Realtor

It was the beginning of August 2013 that I enrolled in all four of the real estate required classes, and it was the end of August 2013 that I had completed all four classes, passed the state/national exam, and decided to join the Home Experts Realty brokerage. I was as clueless as it gets. The required classes teach you a lot of information, but nothing on what your life will be like once you are in the business. As a young guy in the business, I figured I needed to wear suits and expensive clothes to come off as a reputable agent. I remember going to the first class with Pat Corle in the Dorothy Lane office wearing a suit, and did I look dumb. I will say that how you present your image is very important for a first impression, but the key to this business is being genuinely personable with EVERY person that you meet and building a large network.

In my first two years, I have done roughly 50 deals, and sold over 5 million dollars of real estate. The most difficult part of the process is closing your first deal. It took me three months, but none of that time was wasted sitting around waiting. I took every class that Home Experts offered and learned all the step by step details. Then I had a mentor who I watched perform, that way once my time came, I knew exactly what what to say, where to look, and how to become an expert.

The most common response I hear daily is "No," and that is not where I stop. I am continually reaching out to people letting them know who I am, and how I can help. Consistency is the way to find success. Constantly networking, constantly available, and constantly learning.

Zach Shade, REALTOR

I am very happy to be apart of such a great family of Realtors. Together and separate working with such a supportive team makes our jobs much easier.

Jeanne Pamer, Realtor

We are very proud and happy to belong to the Home Experts Family of Offices. We have been in Real Estate a combination of over 33 years and find Home Experts to be very helpful, very generous and very professional. Their continuing education and on going training is outstanding. Even for those of us who have been around a long time. You can always count on Pat and Clyde for anything you need. We would recommend Home Experts to any new Agent or anyone wanting to join a new and exciting Team. You can be assured Pat and Clyde will be there for you and help in your success.

Ron & Ellen Warren

I've been working for Home Experts Realty for 2 weeks and I already have 4 homes under contract! This company has treated me really well, and it has a family atmosphere to it. As a new agent I can say that the training is awesome, and the commission split is great as well. I would recommend this brokerage to anyone looking to be a success in the Real Estate business!

William Crider

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