Commission Splits

70/30, 75/25, 80/20 and 90/10 Commission Splits

Thanks for taking time to examine what Home Experts Realty has to offer our agents. We desire to give agents more power, money, exceptional free tools with programs to build your business. A truly agent-centric company with a model geared for succeeding in any market. We provide "best of everything" to agents, who can then better serve our clients. We frequently offer classes for contracts, paperwork, websites & technical topics, and provide excellent personal mentoring. We offer high commission splits with no desk fees!

Agents keep asking us "how can we afford to do this?" Simple, we do things very smart around here, and have minimal overhead.

Agent-Centric Model:

  • Driving business to AGENTS, not the brokerage.
  • One name and number on sign & ads.... YOURS!
  • Clients connect directly with agents one on one.
  • Clients know that YOU can accomplish their goals. Buying or selling.
  • NO monthly broker fees!
  • Opt for a customized agent website, we provide free IDX.
  • Inquires on your listings off the broker site are yours with no referral fees ever.

High Commission Splits & NO Desk fees:

  • 70/30 for all new agents to the business and agents with less than $2 million sales
  • 75/25 for agents who close six sides in the first six months with Home Experts Realty
  • 80/10 for agents who sold $2-4 million in last twelve months
  • 90/10 for agents who sold over $4 million in the last twelve months
  • 100% on personal properties

Commission Caps:

  • Single Agent $12,000
  • Teams - Team Lead $12,000 + $2,000 per Agent on Team
  • Annual Cap that resets January 1

Home Experts Realty Provides:

  • Broker website, a great resource.
  • Customized agent website, $20 monthly & free IDX included, no set up cost. (covers all technology).
  • A CRM (client relationship management system), never forget a client again, auto reminders, drip campaigns and tasking.
  • E&O Insurance.
  • Agent Email (Unlimited storage, eliminates time consuming back-ups & storage issues.)
  • Training & mentoring, help getting to next high commission split level.
  • Business plan development & assistance. (Will help experienced producers with their own satellite office.)
  • Dialogue & prospecting techniques.
  • Advanced sales training, & client advocacy.
  • All forms & contracts.

Agents responsibilities:

  • Agent business cards: Ask about discounts from our vendors.
  • Board membership dues & MLS fees.
  • NAR & OAR dues.
  • Own Yard & Open House signs; Available at suppliers cost, & we offer loaners.
  • All marketing (print advertising).
  • Lock Boxes.

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High Commission Splits - No Desk Fees - Grow Your Business

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