So for one reason or another you've been contemplating selling your home. Maybe your upgrading or downsizing, or perhaps just relocating due to a change in career or to be near family. Whatever the reason, you're in the right place to gain valuable insights. From understanding and balancing your time frame to sell and how much you need to net, to preparing the home for marketing, photographing, staging, advertising, and negotiating to help you realize every penny from your home's worth, our Expert Realtors will guide you through the process and ensure you receive top dollar for your home.

Two important things to consider prior to selling your home are timeframe and how to prepare your home. Here is some helpful information to get your started on the road to meeting your goals.

First, you need to consider your time frame to sell. Did you know there are three correct price ranges for your home? Yes, and which one you choose depends on the time frame in which you have to sell your home. If you overprice a home, it may never sell. The good news is this doesn't mean you have to offer a low asking price.

The danger of overpricing is that buyers who would have been interested will never find your home as they are looking for not only certain areas, but homes in their desired price range. By the time you commit to a price reduction, buyers have already moved on and bought a house elsewhere. For success, you must simply price it correctly.

Second, you need to prepare the home itself. Should you replace the aged counter-tops, outdated appliances, paint every room, or do some landscaping? There are a lot of things you can easily accomplish that are very cost effective and will ensure your home looks its best for potential buyers. Our Expert Realtors can provide you with a custom professional evaluation of the things needed to prepare your home for sale.
Don't let turn offs keep buyers from seeing your home's potential.

It's a great idea to de-clutter. Put away personal items and simplify decor. Remove all the knick-knacks, photos and memorabilia. After all, buyers want to envision their life in your home. Unusual colors should be painted neutral, and do touch ups on nicks and scratches with wood-filler or stain pens. For the outside you'll want to hide junk, garbage cans, fix the leaning gate and mailbox. These little things add up to a more attractive property.

Smell is another important factor. Simple carpet treatments, home remedies like sprinkling baking soda on carpets go a long way and air fresheners or scented candles improve the aroma during open houses.

But what about "big ticket" items? Things like counter-tops, appliances or flooring can be cost-prohibitive, but also may hold your home back from selling in your time frame. Sometimes these items can be used as bargaining chips in negotiations to get a better price. Some buyers are willing to do the work, others want it done for them. Again, it's best to consult with someone that does this for a living, like our Realtors. You don't want to spend funds you don't have to, but you want to make sure you sell and get the best net.

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